The most commonly used tags in the JSTL tag list are core tags. In this lesson and further chapters, you will learn about the core tags of JSTL and their implementation techniques.

Core Tags in JSTL

The JSTL core tags are implemented to provide variable support, URL management, flow control, etc. These tags are prefixed by 'c'  and followed by a colon before the actual tag name.

To use the JSTL core tag, the following line of statements must exist on the JSP page:

<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %>
Here is the list of JSTL Core Tags:
  1. c:out
  2. c:import
  3. c:set
  4. c:remove
  5. c:catch
  6. c:if
  7. c:choose, c:when, c:otherwise
  8. c:foreach
  9. c:forTokens
  10. c:param
  11. c:redirect
  12. c:url

In the further lesson, let us understand in detail about these core tags with example code.