We have learned a lot about software testing and its various types, where all of these sub-types focus on the process of executing an application or product to find bugs in your product. It can e considered as the investigation carried out to offer stakeholders the information related to the quality of software being developed and tested. In this chapter, you will be learning about the two most essential and frequently uses testing methodologies - the alpha and beta testing techniques.

Alpha Testing

Alpha Testing can be defined as a form of acceptance testing carried out to identify various types of issues or bugs before publishing the build or executable of the software public or market. This test type focuses on real users through black box and white box testing techniques. The focus remains on the task which a general user might want or experience.

Alpha testing any product is done when product development is on the verge of completion. Slight changes in design can be made after conducting the alpha test. This testing methodology is performed in lab surroundings by the developers. Here developers see things in the software from users' points and try to detect the problems. These testers are internal company or organization's employees or maybe a part of the testing team. Alpha testing is done early at the end of software development before beta testing.

Beta Testing

Beta Testing can be defined as the second stage of testing any product before release, where a sample of the released product with minimum features and characteristics is being given to the intended audience for trying out or temporarily using the product. Unlike an alpha test, the beta test is being carried out by real users in the real environment. This allows the targeted customers to dive into the product's design, working, interface, functionality, etc.

Difference Between Alpha and Beta Testing

Here is a simple difference between alpha and beta testing mentioned below:

Alpha Testing Beta Testing
Alpha Testing is done by testers who reside internally as employees of that company or organization. Users and clients do it, and they are not the employees of any company or organization.
This testing type is carried out at the developer's site. This testing is carried at the end user's location.
In-depth reliability and security of the product are not done in this testing type. In-depth reliability and security of the product are checked, and patches are being released.
It uses both white box as well as black box testing. It uses black box Testing only.
Execution of the test cycle might take a longer time. Execution time for the test requires only a few months (at maximum).

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