Automated Testing

As you have already accustomed to various types of testing and their subtypes as well, it is time to know some of the most prominent software testing types and their workability. In this chapter, you will be learning about new testing subtypes and their uses in the different area of software development.

Automated testing is the technique of testing a product which requires special application tools for controlling the test execution and eventually evaluates test outputs with predicted ones. All these tests are done automated though these special tools and hence the name automated testing and require little or no involvement from testing engineer or testers. It gives additional testing or supplementary test which may be difficult to carry out if done manually.

What Functions to Automate Using Automated Testing?

Different things that need to be tested or checked automated are:

  • Login forms.
  • Registration forms and.
  • A place where numbers of entries access the application simultaneously can be automated.

Moreover, different GUI items and connections related to databases or validation of fields and other such things can be checked very efficiently as well as automatically.

Importance of Automation Testing

Let your application has its new releases and patches then you will have to ensure about the released software's fixes. So such testing need prior checking and can be done all the time manually. Hence automation testing proves beneficial. At times, testing manually becomes difficult for checking all software's functionalities before or after the patches is being made. The automated test seems very effective regarding resources, cost, timely delivery of product and less workforce.

When to Perform Automated Test?

  • An automated test can prove helpful when requirements do not change frequently.
  • When Accessing of application is check concerning load and performance having many users.
  • Timely delivery of the product.
  • Serious projects with huge turn-over.

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