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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the latest generation technology with a high IT infrastructure that provides us a means by which we can use and utilize the applications as utilities via internet

    History of Cloud Computing

    Let us assume that you are the CEO of an organization and you have a big organization. Naturally, it becomes your duty to make sure that all employees of your organization have adequate hardware and software to carry on their […]

      How Cloud Computing Works

      The cloud has to be divided into different layers. These layers are the front-end and back-end layers. Front-end layer is that part of the cloud which users can interact with. For example, when we log in to our Gmail account, […]

        Deployment Models In Cloud Computing

        As cloud technology is providing users with so many benefits, these benefits must have to be categorized based on users requirement. Cloud deployment model represents the exact category of cloud environment based on proprietorship, size, and access and also describes […]

          Public Cloud Model

          Public Cloud is a type of cloud hosting that allows the accessibility of systems & its services to its clients/users easily. Some of the examples of those companies which provide public cloud facilities are IBM, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. This cloud […]

            Private Cloud Model

            Private Cloud also termed as 'Internal Cloud'; which allows the accessibility of systems and services within a specific boundary or organization. The cloud platform is implemented in a cloud-based secure environment that is guarded by advanced firewalls under the surveillance of […]

              Hybrid Cloud Model

              Hybrid Cloud is another cloud computing type, which is integrated, i.e., it can be a combination of two or more cloud servers, i.e., private, public or community combined as one architecture, but remain individual entities. Non-critical tasks such as development and test workloads […]

                Community Cloud Model

                Community Cloud is another type of cloud computing in which the setup of the cloud is shared manually among different organizations that belong to the same community or area. Example of such a community is where organizations/firms are there along with […]

                  Cloud Services

                  Cloud Computing is considered the latest breed of technology with the immense flexibility of budget, speed, and infrastructure. It provides self-service capabilities to users with scalable features to upgrade usage based on requirement. The cloud computing technology offers particular types […]

                    Software as a Service (SaaS)

                    SaaS is defined as the software distribution model that is deployed on the internet in which a cloud service provider provides applications. It is also known as "on-demand software" or "pay-as-you-go application". Here the customer licenses their product via SaaS-providers. SaaS […]

                      Platform as a Service (PaaS)

                      PaaS is a platform for programming developers and brings the benefits - SaaS is used for but from the software development point. It is the computer platform that provides the facility to use web applications quickly and with ease, without […]

                        Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

                        IaaS, as the name suggests, is a way of providing Cloud computing infrastructure such as virtual machines, storage drives, servers, operating systems & networks, which is also an on-demand service like that of SaaS. Rather than purchasing servers or developing […]

                          Identity as a Service (IDaaS)

                          IDaaS (Identity as a Service) This provides management of employee or user's identity information as a digital entity. It minimizes the problem of remembering every different username & password combination or disabling of account when an employee leaves the company. IDaaS […]

                            Network as a Service (NaaS)

                            NaaS (Network as a Service) allows users to access network infrastructure directly. This service uses the virtualized network infrastructure & provides users & customers with network services in a secured manner. The NaaS providers maintain & manage network resources which decrease […]

                              Cloud Load Balancers

                              Rapid spikes in online traffic can challenge the best websites also. During online sales events, even a little interruption can cost lots of damage. Cloud manages online traffic by distributing workloads across multiple servers & resources. One characteristics of cloud […]

                                Cloud Computing Applications

                                As we get an idea of how the cloud technology has been divided and categorized, it is also important to know that Cloud technology provides us a large number of interesting applications that are completely free. Explanation & Usage SaaS […]

                                  Cloud Computing Strategy

                                  There is no inadequacy of Cloud Computing technology-based services of users are financially ready. Also we all love the free stuffs which cloud provide users are often useful than paid ones. Cloud is considered as the most cheapest, faster and […]

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