There is an open-group association Jericho Forum & their focus is on how to protect and secure cloud network. They put forward a model that helps to categorize a cloud network based on four-dimensional factors. The figure is drawn below showing the Cloud Cube model.

Figure - Jericho Forum Cloud Cube Model:

As the name Four-Dimensional, the working is also categorized into four parts viz:

  1. Physical Location of Data: The location of data may be internally or externally which ultimately defines the organization's boundary.
  2. Ownership: Ownership is proprietary or open; is a measurement for not only ownership of technology but also its interoperability, use of data & ease of data-transfer & degree of vendor's application's lock-in.
  3. Security Range: is parameterized or de-parameterized; which measures whether the operations are inside or outside the security boundary, firewall, etc.
  4. Sourcing: In-sourcing or out-sourcing; which defines whether the customer or the service provider provides the service.

The Jericho Forum has designed the Cloud Cube Model to help select cloud formations for security cooperation. Their fascinating new cloud model helps IT managers and business tycoons assess the benefits of cloud computing. The Cloud Cube Model looks at the several different "cloud formations". They amount to the cloud service and deployment models. The sourcing dimension addresses the delivery of service. The Cloud Cube Model may be designed to let users show that the traditional notion of network ranges & its boundaries with network firewall no longer applies in Cloud computing.

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