Google is an ideal cloud technology providing company which supports some of the largest services & websites. Making the company's search technology as core, the Google's main business runs. It uses mechanized technology to index the web. It provides a standard search-engine & for developers the collection of special search-tool of various areas & fields. With the growing trend, the searches for content integration searching have led to enormous change in the society.

The most fascinating and significant part of Google's activities is it's targeting advertising business such as:

  • AdSense
  • AdWords

Google Analytics has also been developed and became an important part of Google's targeted advertising business. Cloud based applications of Google varies from applications to applications based on types. These are:

  • Media-Delivery application
  • Productivity Application
  • Social Interactions
  • Mobile Applications and many more...

Some of these applications have been commercialized by Google which is widely adopted by users. Google also provides a huge platform for developers with a range of applications available. Some of them are:

  • Google's Web-toolkit
  • App Engine Hosting Service
  • Google's AJAX API's

The Google's Apps Exploration

Many companies are ruling the digital market of the world - providing various services. Some of them have substantial internet users like Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. while others may have a superior stock valuation in comparison to that of Google's. But Google remains the giant in all aspects. The target advertising based information which Google gathers from activities associated with Google account or via cookies brings large revenue to Google. $23.60 billion was the income of google in 2009-10; which roughly controlled 65% of the search market via various services & sites. Google creates a huge cloud and other infrastructure with the launch of many free cloud-based applications & services. A business firm offering various cloud-based services for free is convincing.

Two Umbrellas of Google Cloud Computing

Google Cloud computing service falls under two categories:

  1. The extensive package of popular applications that Google offers to General public. These applications includes:
    • Google docs
    • Google mail
    • Google health
    • Google earth
    • Picasa etc….
  2. The 2nd offer that Google provides is the Cloud's Platform as a Service (PaaS) developer tools. Google App Engine (GAE) has been set-up as a development platform for hosted web-applications using infrastructure endow with Google.

GAE applications are usually written in high-level (HLL) programming languages such as Java & Python and/or Google's App-Engine Framework, which ultimately lessens the amount of effort for development.

Google's Productivity Applications and Services

The introduction of Google's productivity applications sat in motion with the starting of Gmail in 2004. After that the expansion of these services continued abruptly. These products store user-information online that is ultimately used by Google to build an activity profile. Google has been cautious regarding protection of user's privacy and its own reputation.

Here's the list of current Google products with a brief description:

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