Sometimes we need to validate the domain name, and we can easily do it by using a regular expression or by using some of the inbuilt functions in PHP. But it does not mean that the domain name is actually registered and working.

To solve this problem, I have created a function to validate the domain name.

It's a complete validation of the domain name.


  • Adding HTTP if already not in the domain.
  • Validates only HTTP and https in a scheme.
  • Validates URL.
  • Checks A record of the domain name.
  • Validates server header response.
  • Validates the host.
  • Removes www. if you don't want it.


function is_valid_domain($url){

    $validation = FALSE;
    /*Parse URL*/
    $urlparts = parse_url(filter_var($url, FILTER_SANITIZE_URL));
    /*Check host exist else path assign to host*/
        $urlparts['host'] = $urlparts['path'];

       /*Add scheme if not found*/
        if (!isset($urlparts['scheme'])){
            $urlparts['scheme'] = 'http';
        if(checkdnsrr($urlparts['host'], 'A') && in_array($urlparts['scheme'],array('http','https')) && ip2long($urlparts['host']) === FALSE){ 
            $urlparts['host'] = preg_replace('/^www\./', '', $urlparts['host']);
            $url = $urlparts['scheme'].'://'.$urlparts['host']. "/";            
            if (filter_var($url, FILTER_VALIDATE_URL) !== false && @get_headers($url)) {
                $validation = TRUE;

    echo "Its Invalid Domain Name.";
    echo " $url is a Valid Domain Name.";


//Function Call

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