This PHP Media Gallery tutorial offers an open-source, free PHP script to upload and display photographs and YouTube videos easily. Follow this tutorial to create a simple yet effective PHP media gallery using a MySQL database.

Why Add a Media Gallery?

Integrating a media gallery boosts your website's user engagement. It organizes your visual assets, such as images and videos, making them easily accessible and manageable for users.

Key Features

  • Simple Code Structure: Navigate and modify the code effortlessly.
  • Versatile Image Support: Upload jpg, png, and webp files without a hitch.
  • YouTube Video Integration: Simply use the YouTube URL for seamless video uploads.
  • Customizable Gallery Types: Opt for a photo gallery, a video gallery, or both.
  • Real-Time Upload Tracking: A progress bar displays the upload percentage.
  • Quick Media Renaming: Change uploaded media titles on the fly.
  • Smart Image Orientation: Your images always appear in their best view.
  • Fully Responsive: Built with Bootstrap for adaptive and attractive designs.
  • Engaging Visuals: Features jQuery image viewer and slideshow.

Technology Utilized

  • PHP: The server-side scripting language is the backbone, managing file uploads and thumbnail creation.
  • jQuery: This JavaScript library simplifies your coding and boosts functionality.
  • Bootstrap: Guarantees a responsive and visually appealing design.
  • jQuery Form Plugin: Facilitates HTML form submissions and progress bar displays.
  • jQuery Photobox Plugin: Elevates your gallery with advanced image viewing and slideshows.

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