It is good to learn about the history of C programming. C was developed and written by Dennis M. Ritchie in the year 1972, and hence he is known as the founder of C.

C programming language was developed to overcome the difficulties found in older programming languages such as BCPL, BASIC, B, etc.

History of Programming Languages and C

Here are the lists of programming languages that were developed with or before C:

Programming Language Development Year
Regional Assembly Language 1951
Autocode 1952
IPL (forerunner to LISP) 1954
FLOW-MATIC (led by COBOL) 1955
FORTRAN (First compiler) 1957
COMTRAN (precursor to COBOL) 1957
LISP 1958
ALGOL 58 1958
FACT (forerunner to COBOL) 1959
COBOL 1959
RPG 1959
APL 1962
Simula 1962
CPL (forerunner to C) 1963
Speakeasy (computational environment) 1964
BASIC 1964
PL/I 1964
JOSS 1966
BCPL (forerunner to C) 1967

C is an imperative language designed to compile relatively straightforwardly, which provides low-level memory access. With the gradual increase in the program's popularity, the language and its compiler have become available on many platforms, from embedded microcontrollers to supercomputers.

With the introduction of the K&R C language (a new edition of C published in 1978 by Brian Kernighan and Denis Ritchie), several features have been included in the C language.

Some of these features are:

  • Standard I/O (Input/Output) Library
  • long int - data type
  • unsigned int - data type
  • Compound assignment operators

During the late 1980s, C was started to use for various mainframe computers, micro, and minicomputers, which began to get famous. Gradually C got its superset - i.e., C++, which has added features, but it's developed from C with all its initial concepts.

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