The C while loop statement allows a code block to be run repeatedly until a condition is met. This tutorial guides you on how to use "while loop" in the C program.

The while loop is the most basic loop in C programming; it has a control condition and executes as long as the condition is true. The loop's condition is tested before executing the code block inside it, so it is called an entry-controlled loop.

The basic format of the while loop statement is:


While (condition)

Figure - Flowchart of while loop:


Example of a C Program to Demonstrate while loop


int main ()
   /* local variable Initialization */
   int n = 1,times=5;

   /* while loops execution */
   while( n <= times )
      printf("C while loops: %d\n", n);
   return 0;

Program Output:


C while loops - Video Tutorial

Please watch this video tutorial to understand "C while loops" in depth.

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