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Java Tutorial

Java is robust technology widely used to develop application software. This Java tutorial series will help you get started learning Java programming from the basics.

    Java Introduction

    • What is Java?
    • Where is Java being Used?
    • Types of Java Applications.
    • Facts about Java.
    • Different Editions of Java Technology.
    • What you will need to run Java.
    • Popular Java Editors.

      Evolution of Java

      The development of each programming language is based on a fact: there is a need to solve a problem that was not resolved by previous programming languages. Early programmers had to choose different programming languages, usually for various tasks, such […]

        Java Program Structure

        Here, in this chapter, you will study the structure of the Java program. Such as how to create a simple Java program and what its different sections mean.

        • About Java Program Structure.
        • Java main Method.
        • Hello Java Program.

          Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

          The Java Virtual Machine is called JVM, is an abstract computing machine or virtual machine interface that drives the java code.

          • What is JVM?
          • Why Java is Platform Independent?
          • About Just-in-time Compiler (JIT).

            Java SE Development Kit (JDK)

            JDK (Java SE Development Kit) Includes a complete JRE (Java Runtime Environment) plus tools for developing, debugging, and monitoring Java applications.

              Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

              JRE stands for Java Runtime Environment which is used to provide an environment at runtime. JRE is a set of software tools for the development of Java applications.

                Java Installation

                Java installation steps described in details.

                • About Java Development Kit (JDK).
                • JDK with NetBeans.
                • Setting up the Environment Variables.

                  Java Tokens

                  Java Tokens are the smallest individual building block or smallest unit of a Java program; the Java compiler uses it for constructing expressions and statements. Java program is a collection of different types of tokens, comments, and white spaces.

                    Java Keywords

                    Java Keywords are reserved words in Java library and used to perform an internal operation. Java Keywords must be in your information because you can not use them as variable name.

                      Java Operators

                      Java Operators are tokens that perform some calculations when they are applied to variables.

                      • Arithmetic Operators
                      • Relational Operators
                      • Logical Operators
                      • Bitwise Operators
                      • Assignment Operators
                      • Misc Operators

                        Java Unary Arithmetic Operators

                        In Java, unary arithmetic operators are used to increasing or decreasing the value of an operand. Increment operator adds 1 to the value of a variable, whereas the decrement operator decreases a value.

                          Java Data Types

                          • Available Data Types in Java
                            (Integer Types, Rational Numbers, Characters and Conditional).
                          • Variables and Data Types.
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