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Business Plan

A business plan can be termed as the road map every entrepreneur must-have, which will provide you as an entrepreneur the direction, which helps make plans for the future of business and helps avoid bumps in the journey. For this, […]

    Business Capital

    Know how to use the capital and a strong business plan can help an enterprise grow. Entrepreneurs need to understand what capital is and how it can be best utilized. When you, as an entrepreneur, hit on some fantastic idea […]

      International Business and Cultural Risk

      International business (IB) is a stream for commerce that includes all trade activities to promote the transportation of goods, resources, services, workforce, technologies, and ideas crossing the countrywide boundaries. IB also includes business-related transactions that can be private, sales, government, […]

        Growth Strategies

        If your company is a startup or mid-sized company, you, as an entrepreneur, will always look for growing the business as well as elevate the profit percentage and sales for the product. So, each company has to follow specific strategies […]

          Adoption Vs Scaling

          Every business has some specific path and life-cycle. This helps in keeping a balance between the market and your idea. In this chapter, you will learn about the primary life-cycle of a business, which is essential for entrepreneurs to sustain […]

            Team Building - The Employers

            Success doesn't come so easily; neither for normal people nor for entrepreneurs. There are a lot of phases one has to cross in order to make a business successful or raise an enterprise to a better position. Team building or hiring the right employees is one of the most important factors for starting a successful startup or enterprise.

              Team Building - The Board Members

              Building a team that will help you govern and stay with your decisions and guide you on this journey is another prime role for entrepreneurs. It is one of the most delightful stages of building a company because if you […]

                RESTful Web Services

                REST is the abbreviation of Representational State Transfer, a phrase coined in the year 2000 by Mr. Roy Fielding. It is a structural design approach for crafting loosely attached applications using HTTP, often implemented in the growth of web services.

                  Grabbing Investors

                  Getting a proper channel to find a genuine investor is another tricky job entrepreneurs face while planning for a startup or growing the enterprise. It's tough to believe, but locating an investor is not so hard then convincing them. An […]

                    Professionally Email to Investors

                    The typical and professional way of communicating with investors and capitalists is via email. Drafting an email to the investor is more of an art and skill, and it should be crisp and to the point. Here are the breakups […]

                      Fundraising in Entrepreneurship

                      Fundraising is a necessary evil in many cases and scenarios. There is a 3Fs rule - Friends, Fools, and Family, and these three entities of your surrounding are one of the important sources of funding.  Funding can be defined as […]

                        Pitching the Idea by Different Means

                        You might be pitching your idea to your target customers in a summit, or it can be ads video where you are expressing through words the actual taste of what your project is, or it might be an elevator pitch, […]

                          Common Mistakes in Business

                          Entrepreneurs usually make common mistakes. Some become costly, which botches your planning and management or, in some cases assigning a wrong employee or team member to take on any vital project. Entrepreneurs can linger too long to leap into a […]

                            Business Incubator

                            Incubators are most likely exists in helping a founder or a team of co-founders establish a road-map to determine whether their business concept is feasible and should set up in the long run for success. However, they are not a mandatory entity for entrepreneurs to use or seek help forum.

                              Business Models

                              There are a wide variety of business models. But here, you will learn about the most popular form of business models and their culture. Since every organization needs a business model, you, as an entrepreneur, you should take a more […]

                                Company Mantra (Mission Statement)

                                Mantras are mission statements that are short precise, and it explains to you, your co-founders, investors, shareholders, fundraisers, employees, and targeted customers what your company goal is. Make a note not to make a very generic mission statement. Once that […]

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