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Data Analysis

Data analysis is the technique of analyzing and inspecting as well as cleansing and transforming of data to retrieve useful information or suggest a solution and this process helps in making decisions for business or other processes. In this tutorial, you will be learning about the various types of data analysis and their uses.

    Introduction to Data Science

    Data science is a new interdisciplinary field of algorithms for data, systems, and processes for data, scientific methodologies for data and to extract out knowledge or insight from data in diverse forms - both structured and unstructured.

      JSON Objects

      Objects in JSON are powerful ways of storing data. You can use JavaScript to create JSON objects. In this tutorial, you will learn different methodologies to create objects in JSON using JavaScript.

        Laravel - Introduction

        Laravel is a PHP based web framework for building high-end web applications using its significant and graceful syntaxes. It comes with a robust collection of tools and provides application architecture.


          Software Testing Overview

          Software testing can be defined as the action for checking if the tangible result or output of a product matches the projected or expected output (of your client), and testing also ensures that the product is free from any bug or defect.


            C++ Namespace

            This lesson describes about namespace in C++.

            • What are Namespaces?
            • Defining a Namespace
            • The using Directive


            Operating System Introduction

            An Operating System (OS) acts as an interface connecting a computer user with the hardware of the computer.

            • What is an Operating System?
            • Features of Operating System.
            • Objectives of Operating System.

            JavaScript Overview

            This is an introductory chapter describing JavaScript.

            • What is JavaScript?
            • Where Is JavaScript Being Used?
            • Advantages of JavaScript.
            • What Does the Script Mean?
            • What Does Client-Side Scripting Mean?


            Database Concepts

            A database intends to have a collection of data stored together to serve multiple applications as possible. Hence a database is often conceived of as a repository of information needed for running certain functions in a corporation or organization. Such […]

              Data Structure Introduction

              In computer terms, a data structure is a Specific way to store and organize data in a computer's memory so that these data can be used efficiently later.

              • What is Data Structure?
              • Linear Data Structure.
              • Nonlinear Data Structure.


              Swift Tutorial

              Swift is a new programming language for developing apps for IOS and Mac OS, and it is destined to become the foremost computer language in the mobile and desktop space.

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