Grouping the content into different sections according to their genre is necessary for making the readers and viewers comfortable with the selection of contents. WordPress provides a popular tool that can help in sorting and grouping all of your website contents into different sections. In this chapter, you will learn about the concept of WordPress categories and how to use it.

What Are WordPress Categories?

WordPress categories is an essential tool that is used by the admins and users in dividing the web site's content into various sections. You may have noticed that the various material you write can be further divided into different categories. The categorization based on genres and types tells readers about the post so that readers can quickly find any post from the post's collection.

Categories are a convenient way to organize your written posts. There may also be multiple subcategories, which makes the hierarchical arrangement of posts potential. Furthermore, a single post can be positioned in more than one category, so that it can become available from multiple dimensions. It gives you as well as readers a lot of flexibility in showing precisely the posts you wish to as well as accurately the way you want within the site's widgets, menus, or in your WordPress theme directly. In case there is no category added to your posts or contents, then by default, the category is set to uncategorized.

How to Create Categories in WordPress?

To create new categories in WordPress, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the "Posts" menu > "Categories".
  3. On the left window pane of your page, you will see a tab that will let you create categories. There you have to fill in the category name, followed by the category description in the text box, and when all the information is feed, you have to press the "Add New" Category button.

How to Assign Posts to Categories in WordPress?

As soon as you are down setting the category in structure, you can incorporate the different posts into categories. There are two ways of doing this. To implement categorization in your posts, you have first to open a particular post (or create a fresh one) and then place a checkbox from the Categories section, which you will find from the rightmost corner down your screen for assigning categories to your posts.

Components of Adding Categories

  1. Name: is where you will name the category, which will be unique.
  2. Slug: is implemented in your URL for displaying your category.
  3. Parent: is where you can add sub-categories assigning your category or select none, this selection is optional.
  4. Description: are also optional. Here, you are given a text box to put a brief description of your category.

Editing and Deleting a Category

For editing a category, you have to navigate to the "Posts" menu > "Categories". Now, hover your mouse to the category for editing as well as deleting as per your wish.