Adding posts in WordPress to insert content (text, multimedia, and other documents) is a common activity of a WordPress admin user. Posts are also commonly termed as blog posts or articles or blogs. Putting the content on your website is done using this feature of WordPress. In this chapter, you will learn about how to use the Posts of WordPress.

What Are Posts in WordPress?

"Posts" is a component of WordPress that allows WordPress users to inscribe a blog as well as post it on the associated site. These posts are listed in descending order on the front page of the website or blog.

How to Add a New Post in WordPress?

Here are the steps to add new posts to WordPress:

  1. To add a new Post on your website through WordPress, you have to log in to the WordPress account.
  2. There you will see Admin Sidebar Menu on the left.
  3. Go to the Posts on the menu and choose Add New.
  4. Now you will see a new screen where you will be given the option to add a title and content for your web page.
  5. There are two primary components of this screen:
    1. Title: where you can insert the title of your post
    2. Content: where you will inscribe the content for your post. It can be done in two different ways:
      1. Visual mode is where you can write in a regular format by using WYSIWYG Editor.
      2. Text mode is where you can write in HTML format like you are writing in Windows Notepad.

Publishing a New Post in WordPress

Once you're creating content for your blog or site, and you've set up all the formats and other tags, the next thing you need to do is publish the content.

For this, you have to click the Publish button for publishing your desired post. This button will be available on the right side of the panel.

Here is the list of components that comes under the Publish section:

  1. Save Draft - is used for saving the post as a draft.
  2. Preview - is used for previewing your post before publishing.
  3. Move to Trash - is used for deleting the post.
  4. Status - is used for changing the status of your post, whether it is published, pending, or under reviewer draft.
  5. Visibility - is used to modify the visibility of the post to public, private, or password protected.
  6. Published - is used for changing the published post date and time.

Edit Existing Post

To edit a post, you have to go to Posts> All Posts. There you will see the list of all created posts. Hover your mouse on any of the posts; you will see an option for Edit and Quick Edit. You can use any one of the options to make changes to your posts.

Delete Existing Post

To delete a post, you have to go the Posts > All Posts. There you will see the list of all created posts. Hover your mouse on any of the posts; you will see a link of Trash. The trash option will allow you to delete the particular post.