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Python Variable Programs

This Python program interchanges the values of two variables using a temporary variable and prints them on the screen. In this example, the values are predefined, but you can take the value from the user and swap it.


#Variable definition and assignment
n1 = 15
n2 = 30

#Remove comments from the bottom lines to take input from the user
#n1 = input('Enter value of x: ')
#n2 = input('Enter value of y: ')

#Declaring a temporary variable and swapping values
temp = n1
n1 = n2
n2 = temp

#Print the output
print('The value of n1 after swapping: {}'.format(n1))
print('The value of n2 after swapping: {}'.format(n2))

Program Output:

The value of n1 after swapping: 30
The value of n2 after swapping: 15

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